The amazing cleaning water system based on nature’s cleaning system. 
Reliable clean water benefits health and beauty with great taste. 

We at the Crystal Water Ltd (Japan) are proud to introduce the revolutionary water purification system “Naturalizer” which produces an extremely delicious and tasty ionzied alkaline spring water by using 6 different kinds of unique natural minerals. It is the utmost economical and environtmental friendly means of delivering safe and delicious natural spring water to the homes of everyone in the world. We have been selling more than 70,000 water purifiers for over 15 years in Japan, passing through one of the highest test standards of water safety regulations in the world. 
Our unique technology is based on 15 years of research and developement and does not require periodic replacements of filters for more than 10 years and does not need electricity. There is no need for any delivery of bottles to homes by trucks running by gas creating pollution.  So it is one of the most economical means for producing natural and safe ionized water and we care about the environment and people’s health.

Quality ? alkaline water with hydroxide ions produced by ion ceramics

Health – alkaline water is the ultimate solution for illness prevention 
Taste ? The taste is mellow and delicious suitable for tea, and cooking food. 
Safe ? Eliminates chlorine toxic chemicals and pesticides
Economical ? Provides 40,000 gallons normal usage for 10 years, without changing filter and no electricity necessary for operation (10 years )
Environment ? It is environmental friendly since it is not bottled or needs to be delivered using trucks burning gas