Our product ‘s concept

Our product is based on 15 years of research and development based on applying 6 layers of filters and minerals to supply clean and healthy water, with great mellow taste. We have construct 6 layers which resembles the natural cleaning system of soil producing spring water, and included ion ceramic and magnetic stone to produce stable alkaline water with mellow taste suitable for tea and cooking meals.
5 important benefits for using ” Naturalizer

  1. Provides high quality delicious mild Japanese spring water by a unique purification system of 6 layers of natural minerals and produces ionized alkaline water to the homes
  2. It removes chlorine, other toxic chemical substances which are contained in tap water or ground water such as lead, trihalomethane,dioxin and pesticides. 
  3. It can be used in hot water ( up to 60 degrees centigrade) generating a hot spring with rich minerals in your own bath tub curing your damaged skin.   
  4. You can use the water as much as you can up to 150,000 litres to clean vegetables to eliminate pesitcides and wash dishes or even clean floors. 
  5. There is no need to replace filters due to the our unique back washing system removing accumulated contaminants and at the same time restore the filteration media. 

Delicious water that pursues the safety or more of six kinds of original filtration materials revives. 


  • Shell material——Hose(vinyl), Valve(ABS-resin), Case(ABS-resin)
  • Filtering material—–Activated carbon, SPG sand, Taicho-stone, Bakuhan-stone, Magnetic stone + Magnet, Ione ceramic
  • Filtering flow rate—–2 Gallons / minute(0.1 Mpa JIS S3201)
  • Minimum water pressure—–0.01MPa
  • Filtering ability of chorine—–The above 40,000 Gallons
  • Substances not possible to remove—–Sea water
  • Body dimensions—–8.2in.wide × 6.3in.deep × 13.5in.high ; hose 5ft.long
  • Body weigh—–Approximately 10 pounds     

Attention of Use

  • Please read the manual carefully before installing and the using your filter system.
  • Please use only treated hose hold(tap) water witch is suitable for drinking. Tt this guideline is not followed the safety of the water can not be guaranteed.
  • As mentioned in the manual the Naturalizer has a ” back wash function” one of the purposes of this is the removal of residual chlorine from the filter.
  • The life expectancy of the filter will vary de pending    on  the pollution levels present in the source water.
  • Hot water may be used provided it does not exceed 140°F.
  • Do not locate in an area subject freezing.
  • Before using in the morning allow the water to run for approximately 20 seconds in the filtered water position before using.
  • When not using for a long period of water to run for approximately 60 seconds in the filtered water position before using.
  • The Naturalizer not possible removes sub. Substances and metallic ions with in water not possible water remove.
  • The most important procedure is continual use of the back wash feature to maintain a high quality of water and a long life span for the Naturalizer (filter).Always ensure the use of clean uncontaminated water when back washing.
  • To alternate between filtered water, tap water and backwash function use the selector lever (switch).
  • Please do not dismantle, remodel or modify in anyway the valve or body. It cause the water leak and the breakdown.