9 Benefits

For A Higher Qualityf Of Life With Natulizer KIRAMEKI

What are the differences between the Naturalizer Kirameki and other brands?

1. Health ~ The Naturalizer Kirameki is not just a filtration system. You can make natural mountain spring quality water in your own home.  

The Naturalizer Kirameki fiters out residual chlorine, trihalomethan, dioxin, lead, pesticides, and other harmful substances.Doctors from around the world say that lead in drinking water is a cause of mental disabilities in children under the age of five. Naturalizer Kirameki removes lead and other harmful chemicals from tap water, so you can provide your children with water that is safe and pure. 

The Naturalizer Kriameki turns ordinary tap water into delicious, mineral balanced water through the filtration of six different natural minerals. Even if bottled water is filtered, many minerals that our body needs are also removed and it leaves an unbalanced mineral composition in the water. An unbalance in the minerals of water can weaken the immune system. While Naturalizer Kirameki removes impurities and adjusts mineral balance, it turns tap water into safer, healthier and more delicious water

The Naturalizer Kirameiki creates water that produces an abundant number of ions by using negative ion ceramic materials. Negative ions are effective for anti-aging and anti-carcinogenicity.

Revive your skin by powerful detergency and penetration into skin.  As Naturalizer Kirameki reduces the surface tension of water, it is effective in the removal of pesticides from vegetables and fruits. In addition, there is a moisturizing effect from Naturalizer Kirameki water. Those who have dry skin and skin allergies can use this water for face washing and as a lotion after washing. 

Naturalizer Kirameki is recommended by physicians As the human body is composed of more than 70% water, a water environment that disagrees with the human body can cause diseases such as cancer, heart disease and cerebral infraction. Because Naturalizer Kirameki not only purifies water, but also makes it safe and delicious, numerous physicians recognize its higher quality.

2. Safety ~ from babies to the elderly

Unlike other purification systems, Natruralizer Kirameki is not based on electricity. It produces the same quality water as natural spring water without an electric charge.  Other water purified with the use of an electric charge can remove chlorine, which makes water that contains activated hydrogen, a negative ion. While negative ions are known to help prevent cancer and make a person look and feel younger, water purified with an electric charge, due to its high level of ph, is harsh on the stomach and is not fit for every day drinking.

Naturalizer Kirameki can make the most suitable quantity of activated hydrogen for the human body without using an electric charge. 

Warm water up to 60℃( 140°F) can be purified. 
Other brands, will not allow the filtration of hot water. The Naturalizer Kirameki can purify hot water.
You will immediately feel the difference of the water quality when you bathe or shower. The feel is mild to the skin, like hot spring water. Even those with the most sensitive skin and those who have atopic dermatitis can bathe without concern.  

Abundant quantity of water flow 
Please refer to the comparison sheet to compare the water flow with other brands

There is no need for replacement filters

Naturalizer Kirameki is self-cleaning
Our backwashing system can remove accumulated contaminants, inhibit bacteria and fungus growth and at the same time the filtration media can be regenerated. Therefore, there is no need for replacement filters.  

Naturalizer Kirameki removes chemical substances with natural materials of filtration which are not chemically treated.
It removes chlorine, organic matters and other chemical substances which are contained in tap water or groundwater.

Kirameki water’s environmental policy : No PET bottle waste 
PET bottles filled with water increases plastic waste and raises the cost of its treatment. Our environmentally conscious researchers have found a method to purify tap water so that it is close to natural, mineral-rich mountain spring water. You can get this mineral-rich mountain spring quality water from your faucet with Naturalizer Kirameki.

3. Quality ~ Water of excellent quality made with artisanship ~

Made in Japan” : Naturalizer Kirameki purifiers are made one by one carefully by experienced craftsmanship.   
 Ceramic materials are baked carefully one by one and arranged to mimic the flow of mountain spring water.  

The high quality of Naturalizer Kirameki is proven in its use in many places: public facilities, restaurants, hospitals, schools, and more 
 It is very economical. It can be used for ten years for a total of 150,000 litres, averaging 40 litres a day.